Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why Blog?

Becuase I tend to be a ridiculously deep thinker, I considered blogging for a VERY long time prior to actually doing it. Naturally, I pondered all the reasons to do so. Here is my list:
1. Sounds like fun.
2. Almost all the stay at home mom searches I did produced results for Christian, submissive, large- family oriented women. Where are the liberal, christian, independent women with higher educations? Are you all working outside the home? Just in case, I'd like to be a little voice that considers herself in that minority.
3. To hopefully keep friends and family better updated on our lives and our family.
4. I love to write.
5. To have a place to put all those deep thoughts- sort of like my own editorial. Now, make no mistake, what I wrote in my profile remains true- I don't want to argue, debate, etc. This may be the one place where I can more easily make that choice. Read, contemplate, disagree, all you want, just save those thoughts for your own editorial or to take action in your own life. That said, I don't at all mind corrections to researched facts I may reference, just please include your source.
6. To hopefully connect with other like-minded women.
7. I love to make lists- what a perfect place to write them down.

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