Saturday, May 14, 2011

A List of Three

1. School: This week in school we didn't. What I mean is that we did two days of science (birds), LA, and math. We then quit for the week in a desperate attempt to do laundry, clean, and switch over our seasonal clothes....and didn't get very far on that either! We did read a great book, Archaeologists Dig For Clues. The kids then excavated a significant portion of our play-yard which yielded a ceramic pot, circa 2000 AD.

2. Grumblings: The ugliness that often comes with Christianity. We are asked to be working towards love, folks. Would Jesus make people sign a Statement of Faith? Would he advise measuring some one's faith by their battle with depression? Or their attire? Or whether they have a wee bit of cotton tacked on their heads? Grrr.

3. Gratitude: My husband, who puts up with how emotional I am, and without whom I may have become a nun. My kids (of course). The awesome diversity that is evident in God's creation. My friends. Nature. Art. Hot showers. Filling an empty stomach. Our home. The ability to serve others. Pushing my comfort zone. St. Mary's RCIA program. My mom, sister, brother, and dad. Passions.

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