Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer School

This summer we are doing school through July 31 and then taking 3 weeks off. We will still be doing math as my kids seem to lose their math skills within days. Our summer plan looks like this:

Meet with Alli 45 min. -phonics, spelling, copywork/dictation, math
evening meet with Alli - she reads, spelling review

Meet with Dante 30 min- alternate days between math and phonics

Read Aloud before quiet time- Little House in the Big Woods, In Grandma's Attic, Twenty and Ten, additional read- alouds from Sonlight Core K

Still haven't worked Faith reading in, so I need to do that.

I can't believe we are already 1/2 way through June! One of my goals was to slow way down, and I do feel like we've accomplished that. Hopefully I can stick to that goal and carry it into the fall!

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