Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Woefully Wednesday

Does anyone else feel like they constantly fall behind in school? I just re- worked our school schedule and we've already missed several sessions. The excuses are many; I only slept 'x' amount of hours and I'm so tired...or....we got home really late, so everyone slept in and that has just thrown our whole day off...or...I am so behind on housework that I'll just let the kids watch a few (7) more cartoons while I get caught up.

Hmmm. I sense a pattern that can be summarized in one tidy little word. Discipline. I lack it. I can't blame it on anyone else. I mean my husband is gone all day and the kids are pretty much at my mercy. My discipline-less, wishy washy, I'll-start- my- schedule- tomorrow mercy. You know, that was very therapeutic. Telling on my self, I mean. I'm not even going to delete everything I've written and replace it. Although, if I did, it would be with some exuberant description of the awesome teachable moment we had about the life cycle of the turtle, naturally followed by a make your own turtle shell craft. Documented with pictures. That would then be placed strategically below this paragraph.

Nope, no pictures. Just a statement that will hopefully some day lead to some pictures:
Tomorrow I will give myself ( and family) the gift of using discipline to follow my schedule. Even if Kai hits all day, I only sleep for 4 hours, the dog gains 5 pounds overnight, I notice a few more wrinkles, or can't find my envelopes, we'll use our schedule to make it through the day. And in doing so we're certain to accomplish more. Or at least to feel better about having the discipline to try.

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