Friday, July 1, 2011

Fantastically Friday

We are utterly, completely blessed with wonderful friends. We went to a friennd's home for dinner tonight, which prompted me to realize this. We had a lovely evening, and the kids had a great time. They get along so well with our friends' children. They are also homeschooled....there is just something about homeschooled kids. : )

So today is fantastic because of the blessing our many friends are to us. Today is fabulous because the kids went to bed without any protesting, because I was made aware of some great vegan cookbooks, because good food fills the stomach and the soul, and because I tried garlic scapes and candied ginger in one evening. It was aswesome to realize that B and I were truly being consistent and following through on discipline with Alli. Because of fireflies, common ground, and challenging ideas...good books, great curriculum discoveries, and content children. Really, what more could we hope for.

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