Tuesday, July 19, 2011

All in a day's work...

HOT. It has just been so stifling, suffocatingly, swampily hot. It is the kind of hot that causes all of my higher functioning to shut down. Add to that sleep deprivation and recovering from a lenghtly exacerbation of asthma and you have a fairly worthless momma. At one point during the afternoon, while reading my newest copy of Family Fun magazine, I found myself thinking that all of the awesome games and crafts would be great to do with the kids- once I was able to peel myself from the spot where I had melted into our couch. For that moment, just thinking about acquiring the supplies for the activities was making me sweat more. Fun? Nope, that would generate more heat. Best to stay still, ignore the children, and wait for October.

Nonetheless, I did manage to accomplish all of the items on my to- do list. Please note that I had made this list at 7:32 a.m. when the temperature was within my workable range. I put the laundry away, unpacked from our trip, cleaned up the kitchen, and mopped the hard floors. In an act of utter desperation, I had the kids do a load of laundry Amish style. Well, really, I guess I don't know how they do laundry. But I didn't use a washing machine and I bet they don't either.

See, Charming Husband had not yet re- installed the washer and dryer following our Great Mold Eradication. I had several loads to do, so I dumped them all in the tub, added water, borax, washing soda, and 3 children, and told the kids to kick the clothes. They loved it, and the water turned dirty so I guess it worked. I then dragged the dryer in from the garage (hmm, bet that looked funny) as it was way too humid to line dry the clothes.

I did the least bit of school with Alli that I could possibly consider 'doing school'. We reviewed her new word list for the week and she read some of them. She seems to have a hard time blending short 'u', so we'll have to work on that with some games. I looked back through my calendar and we should finish Grade 1 on August 29. I feel good about that. I've had mixed feelings about schooling through the summer, but, given how much Alli loses in a week without school, I'm glad we've kept at it.

Well, I'm tucked away in my air conditioned bedroom now. Blessings to everyone.

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  1. I loved this post, and I love you. There were many parts that made me laugh out loud, (hi Amish!) but my favorite was "Best to stay still, ignore the children, and wait for October." Thanks for making my day. :) xoxo