Friday, February 24, 2012

Week's End

What do I say about school this week? That it was sub- par? That at least we read ALOT of books to our children (because we accomplished approximately nothing else)? That playtime predominated and they were introduced to vintage television, aka Green Acres? All of that would be true. Yes, we did the very basic work. We managed five days' worth of math, phonics practice, and handwriting. To make myself feel better, I like to remember that the public schooled children had a day off for President's Day and then a snow day today. And we didn't. What all of this really comes down to is that we are in the Yearly Seasonal Homeschooler's Funk. That title sounds like a fun, quirky game day or dance. It isn't. It is the time of year when homeschoolers feel blah, run down, unenthused, drifting, spent....none of which are good things.

This is where we are. But so are most other homeschoolers. It can be an appropriate time for a conference or to abandon the curriculum for awhile and explore an interest in depth. It can be an even better time to sit in a friend's living room with a bowl of popcorn while the children, dressed as butterflies and batmen, run free. Regardless of how one approaches the Yearly Seasonal Homeschooler's Funk, it is most important to keep in mind that it is normal and it will pass. The sun will soon peak out a bit more, the trees will bud, the days will warm. Homeschoolers will venture out to enjoy the spring, and in so doing will find the life returned to their learning.

Truly, this is not far off. By the end of next month we will see the hints of Spring. It is in this knowldge that I think we'll enjoy the remainder of our hibernation. There are so many great library books begging to be read, several interests we'd like to explore further. If all that should fail, we have a love of vintage television festering. Besides, as Alli said prior to bed, "Green Acres could be the place to be".

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