Monday, January 2, 2012

Welcome, 2012

Since our Christmas celebrations were re- scheduled this year, I didn't have the usual mental break between Christams and New Year's. While I've never been one to make specific resolutions, I often have general objectives for the new year. This morning, sitting in the dark in our living room, gazing at the un- lit Christmas tree, I have found myself whispering hello to the new year. I am ready to take the Christmas decorations down, to return the tree to the outdoors, and to move forward.

But into what? In years past, I have conciously decided what I would like to bring in the new year. There was no concious decision this year, rather the year whispered to me, 'It is time'.

It is time to do some thigns that seem a bit trite in the grand scheme of things, but I now see as critical. It is time to return to running like I used to. Also, I admit, to lifting weights. (I care very little for this!) It is time to embrace austerity and a marathon of savings. We need an emergency fund, a down payment, and to whittle away at our student debt. It is time for me to nurture my creativity. I need to write, draw, learn photography and learn how to sew. I also need to find some small way to be in service to others outside of my family. For me, this is a spiritual neccessity. These are critical because my body, family, and soul cannot go on without them. I'll probably blog here about everything except our financial journey. That will be chronicled at

So today I am going to put last year away, go for a walk, and ponder how to work those objectives into everyday life. Blessings to you and yours in 2012.


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