Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Vegan Diabetic- An Intro and Menu

Ok, I'm not officially diabetic. I had gestational diabetes with all pregnancies, and I have Hyperinsulinemia, which is a pre-cursor to diabetes. I treat myself as though I am diabetic in the hopes that acting preemptively will be preventative. I am also not a vegan, although I'd really like to be. The one thing that has prevented me (aside from my coffee with half and half) is my need to control my blood sugar. I do this by balancing carbohydrates and protien within meals, and, as a vegan, it is tough to find pure protien sources and not be eating soy all day.

But I have great news! I think I am slowly compiling some menus that allow me to eat a vegan diet and control my blood sugar. I decided to start posting some of them since my own internet search for 'menus for vegan diabetics' gave me.....nothing.

I plan my meals based on grams of carbohydrate per meal/snack. 15 grams of carbohydrate is roughly one serving. Examples of one serving would be one piece of bread, 1/2 c. rice, pasta, potatoes, one small piece of most fruits. This then needs to be balanced by protien and/or fat to decrease the rate at which insulin is secreted. This is what it looks like:
Breakfast 2-3 servings
Snack 1 serving
Lunch 3 servings
Snack 2 servings
Dinner 4 servings

If I have done a longer run, I bump the first snack and the lunch up by one serving. I occasionally break the two snacks into three.
Below I have posted today's menu.

Breakfast- 1c. taco salsa black beans
Snack- homemade coconut yogurt mixed with NOW brand Vegan Support (like a protien powder and multi-vitamin in one. plus it tastes like berries!)
Snack- wheat thins
Lunch- alphabet cabbage soup w/ vegan bacon bits
Snack- orange, peanut butter
Dinner- potato pancakes (these were sooooo good!), brussels sprouts, salad


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